Automating Airside Services for the Future of Air & Space Mobility

Vega Mobility is developing the only integrated solution with decarbonized technologies and services for the new era in electric mobility.

Vega Mobility is a start-up implementing a new area of artificial intelligence while integrating the best in American "Zero-Carbon" technologies to build a new future in secure, sustainable infrastructures.

Our perspective on multi-model transit and open-architecture approach is driven by our leaderships with decades of experience in aviation, computing and energy.

Adaptability -

New models of transport must be adaptable. The rules are still being written and defining the new decarbonized economy must be characterized as an organic process. Vega has assembled a seasoned team of Subject Matter Experts and innovative engineers to build the critical bridges necessary to diversify American mobility.

America First -

Working to empower American innovation, Vega is implementing through licensing and R&D, the best America has to offer in new technologies from "Impossible Machines" to new approaches to securing Artificial Intelligence. Fulfilling our goal of providing 100% Carbon Zero Mobility™ services by 2030.



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