Automating Airside Services for the Future of Air & Space Mobility

Securing the Safety of Future Vertiports

Vega's scientists and engineers are leaders in aviation and infrastructures. The Vertiport Design Team (VDT) is working to integrate emerging data on verticraft performance to secure the safety of vertiport operations. The VDT focus on vehicle performance, airside operations and passenger safety is establishing a standard for vertiport design.

Electric Vehicles and battery safety

Vega's mobility team advances planning to ensure safety of battery powered vehicles. The future of Vega's Multi-Model Transit Ports requires forward planning for the operation of ground and air vehicles and their charging and fueling.

Charging stations, battery stack exchanges and diverse operations, creates specific safety standards. Building a diverse mobility operations environment also requires new protocols for fire safety, security and communications. Vega has assembled a nationally recognized team to support planning and development.


Vega is partnering with the most innovative sustainable fuels technologies to support the advancement of Regional Air Mobility (RAM) while reducing reliance on conventional fuels sources.


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